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The Black Mountain

The Black Jewels Trilogy and Anne Bishop fans

Black Jewels Haven
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Please excuse our mess!!

Welcome to the community about Anne Bishop!!! Here we can discuss things about the author like The Black Jewels Trilogy, post fan art (about topic), etc etc....... JOIN MY COMMUNITY!

I would like to see fan art etc put behind lj cut please :) I know how much i hate waiting for something to load. So please be curtious!

How to LJ cut:

if you need to know just ask in a post or email me.

Topic Ideas
+ Post pics of people that remind you of the Characters from the BJT. Or songs or anything of that nature.

Have and idea for Topics? email the mod :)


Titles and subjects for the stories of the Blood anthology:
Weaver of Dreams -- "kindred" story of sorts from long, long ago
The Prince of Ebon Rih -- Lucivar & Marian's courtship
Zuulaman -- a story from Saetan's past
Kaeleer's Heart -- Daemon & Jaenelle after the events in Queen

These are the four novella to come soon.


Email me if you want {your site/a site} added here:



Black Jewels Trilogy


Sample of Lucivar's story in "Dreams Made Flesh"

Everthing that has to do with The Black Jewels Trilogy, the Tir Alainn trilogy or anything else with the name ANNE BISHOP attached to it is copyrighted by ANNE BISHOP. If anyone is caught plagurizing on my community they will be banned from this community and reported to Anne herself.

Thank you,
The management
)O( secondhand_rose )O(

Just Remember: Give credit were it is due.


NO RPGS based on Anne's work please. She has made it clear on her website that she does not want her creations used because of issuses with legal matters and such. This also includes fan fiction. Fan ART is allowed but if a character of Anne's is taken as your own then it will be delt with seriously. Thank you.

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any comments and/or sugesstions about the community should be sent to Rinoa_of_Rivendell@yahoo.com
Thank you.

Yahoo! Groups I belong to that are based around Anne and her work

Anne accually posts in the ShadowRealm's one.


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