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Bookplate offer

From Anne's newsgroup, posted with her permission:

It's time for the annual bookplate offer to celebrate the launch of books in 2011, especially the launch of Twilight's Dawn.

Since I try to learn from past experience, there are a few rules this year:

1. this offer runs from February 4 to February 12.

2. quantities are limited, so only one bookplate per person.

3. you MUST put "bookplate" in the subject line.

4. if your name and/or address has any accent marks (especially if you use a hotmail account), please please please send your mailing information with the appropriate accents (on the odd chance that they come through correctly) AND also put that information in the same email WITHOUT any accent marks.

example: An˜®e versus Anne

if I can't tell what your name is, you will not receive a bookplate.

5. I need a full mailing address in this order:

firstname lastname,
street address,
street address (if second line is needed),
town state zip code (or the equivalent of those things),
country (if outside the U.S.)

the mailing labels are limited to five lines, so please make adjustments to accommodate that limit. And please type carefully. What you send me is what the post office gets.

Yes, I will send bookplates to fans outside the U.S.

Yes, you can request a bookplate for a book besides Twilight's Dawn.

6. biggest rule of all! You must send your request to me at:
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